You Want Cool Baby Names?


Are you in search of a unique baby name that is not only edgy but also cool? The answer is yes now that you not only love your kid but also adore him or her. He/she may be too young, or better yet, a bump! Well, finding or settling on a name for your baby may be the hardest job for a parent. Sometimes parents are treated unfairly by a dilemma. Or maybe sometimes the choice of one partner does not come into agreement with the selection of the other.

All in all, choosing a baby name is fun, but finding a fresh baby name is the best moment ever. The article presents some of the cool and unique baby names from all works of life. Have a keener look at them, at the end you will find an interesting one for your lovely daughter or a futuristic one for you adorable son.


– Short and unique baby names

There is always something about a short name for a baby that instantly promotes the cool factor. Short names can assist in balancing out a last name that may be long. They are always easy to spell and also pronounce. Such short cool and unique boy names include Arlo, Kase, Jax, Ari, Gus, Ian, Eli, Zane, Theo, and Van. The girl names are inclusive of Kora, Remi, Anya, Bay, Mila, Uma, June, Vera, and Nora.


– Cool bohemian names

Bohemian Mothers unite! Some individuals may think that such names are unusual, but they are kind of cool. Now, get your incense out, tie-dye your shirt and check these cool and hippie baby names. The Bohemian girl names are like Wynter, Juniper, Saige, Luna, Rain, Paisley, Aurora, and Daisy. The Bohemian boy names are like Echo, Kale, Cedar, Forrest, Aspen, Blu, Blaze, and Finn.



– Soap Opera Baby Names

Even if you may not be watching daytime soap operas, it is quite difficult to deny that the characters have not only cool but uniquely interesting names. You will agree that you will yourself falling in love with the names, even if you cannot follow the story line. The cool baby boy names include Colton, Damian, Creed, Porter, Harrison, Holden, Hutch, Dimitri, and Pierce. On the other hand, the girl names are the likes of Trixie, Vivienne, Yvette, Ruby, Felicia, Sierra, Savannah, Cassidy, Cecily, and Marley.



– Buzzworthy unique names

They are not popular yet, but when your friends hear about them, they will they would have known them. They are chic. Cool, and trendsetting, just like your adorable kid. They are not categorized as boy and girl names since the nowadays modern monikers are gender insensitive. They are Lennon, Everleigh, India, Oakley, Jayne, Hunter, Gannon, Deacon, Magnus, and Marley.



– Cool Celebrity baby names

They are the gold standard for looking for baby names that are just cool. The boy names include Saint, Wilder, Otis, Milan, Jaxon, Flynn, Hawkins, and Jagger. On the other, the celebrity baby names for girls include Esmeralda, Wyatt, Viola, Rylen, Bowie, Blue Ivy, Vale, India Pearl, Keeva, Locklyn, and Luna.
If you are looking for a variety of baby names to pick one for your kid, then the above examples can help you single out some cool baby names. Well, have fun choosing them.

How to decide a baby name?

When that time comes, when the baby is with us, the biggest challenge that we all face is deciding what to call it. Choosing a name may sound simple when its not yet time, but when that time comes, more often we are bombarded with lots of options and left confused on which one to settle on. What even makes it more confusing is the fact that, the name you decide to call your baby will be like a birth mark, regardless of how hard in future the child tries to change it, it will always be with them.

A name is something that your baby will carry for the rest of his/her life and will always show even in his/her documents and as such ought to be picked with utmost caution. This article thus intends to provide tips that can help you decide which name is best for your baby.



Start with brainstorming

for you to decide, you must have something before you, a couple of options from which to pick from. The issue of name selection should be something that the both of you discuss about. Find a convenient time for both of you and talk it over amicably. Source names from whatever sources you may feel fitting, whether it be from movies you’ve watched, from places you’ve visited, from some random individuals you’ve met and such.


By the end of this phase you should have a long list of sweet names you would like to give to your baby. Assuming that now you have a full list of the names you both admire, the next steps will be ones that mostly involves compromise. As part of the entire process, keep the following points in mind:


Sound and Compatibility – It is now time to start sorting the list, slowly start trying out loudly all the names you’ve written and assess how they sound when said out loud. If id doesn’t sound natural, drop it immediately and move on to the next one.


Uniqueness – Your baby is a jewel to both of you, it ought to stand out from the rest. Not only will it make your jewel stand out from the crowd, it will always sound fun whenever you call her/him.


Ancestry – Regardless of where you are coming from, your child’s ancestry is an integral part of who she is, and thus you may want her name to precisely reflect that. Whether you like your family name or not, or whether your faith barres you from doing certain things, when it comes to naming, you wont have an option, good news is that you can use it as a middle-name instead of using it as a first name.


Meaning – When picking up names, its essential that you find out their actual meanings. Some names may be sweet to pronounce but means something silly that you wont even want it associated with your kid or you.


Initials and nicknames – The name you give your child ought to have some sweet nicknames, initials may not be that important, but nicknames have to be something that sounds like music to your ears.



Now Pick on one Name

After you have sorted all the names and passed them scrutiny, its now about time that you make a decision. Choose a name that both of you love, that is after you have considered the gender affiliation and and you are all certain that you like the name.

Most popular baby names in the USA: parents are going back to tradition



Choosing your baby’s name can be quite hard. After all, it will most likely stay with and determine the child’s path in life, to an extent. If that didn’t put enough pressure on you, there are also your partner’s preferences and wishes to consider, as well as friends and family’s expectations, not to mention trends and tradition, which should always be taken into account.



Whether you’d like your child to have a good, likeable name which will make them fit right in with its peers or you want to avoid making them one in a million by choosing an overly common name, it might be a good idea to consider the most popular baby names in the USA, or at least know what they are.


At the dawn of 2015, it was predicted that the year’s newborn girls would either be called Lila, Lana, Seren, Martha or Brooke, and newborn boys’ monikers should be Roman, Abdullah, Jesse, Jenson or Corey. While not all of these names are exactly traditional, they are quite ��normal’ ones for the most part. Also you can easily see trends in both of the top 5 for boys and girls, as names like Lila and Lana, as well as Jesse and Jenson seem to play off each other. But have these predictions come true after all? It doesn’t seem like it did.


In spite of the predictions, names like Olivia, Amelia, Ava and funnily enough Isla, have been the most popular, featuring in most top 10 lists of baby girl names for the year. And while it was nowhere near the top a few months ago, Charlotte seems to have become a top choice since Kate Middleton gave birth to her baby girl.


On the boys’ side choices don’t look as unanimous. In fact, every list you look at will give you a different indication, and while some of them point to traditional names like Oliver, Jack, Henry, Harry or even Jacob or Noah, other suggest people are opting for giving their baby boys quite strange names, such as Atticus or even Silas, the name of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s son.


Curiously enough, you can also see a pattern here, as some of the names that have been popular in previous years are still being chosen by new parents for their precious bundles of joy. For instance, Emma, Olivia and Ava have been trendy names for girls in the most recent years, and they still feature among the most popular baby names in the USA at the moment. On the other hand, while there isn’t a general consensus, names like Liam, Noah, Ethan, Jacob or William are still preferred as monikers for baby boys now as they have in the last couple of years.


All in all, you can easily see that, while the “celebrity effect” is still firmly in place, new parents are turning more and more towards tradition when choosing a name for their newborn baby – or babies. Like with most other things in life, trends change quickly in this aspect too, but they have remained quite consistent in this case, and to be fair, these names have stood the test of time, so they will always be good and safe options, even when they are not the most popular baby names in the USA.